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Review App 4 You
Overall Rating:
( 4.2 / 5.0 )
  • Quality Users
    ( 4.5 )
  • Support
    ( 3.9 )
  • Precise Targeting
    ( 4.0 )
  • Value for Money
    ( 4.4)
  • Easy to Use
    ( 4.0 )

ReviewApp4u - Reviewed by Rating: 4.2 / 5

ReviewApp4u - a company positions itself as a professional app reviews and ratings provider for iOS apps. They can guarantee your app is utterly 100% installed by real users, and ensure the service you paid is worthy and get you the best ROI. ReviewApp4u has a huge user base all around the world who give you real positive reviews and 4/5-star ratings to improve your app ranking. Whatever you want to buy app reviews in any country, they could meet your needs, because their app review service is available for any country you want to target.


Who can use this service?

ReviewApp4u provides positive app reviews and 4/5-star ratings for iOS app developers who want to get a higher ranking on App Store and boost revenue. There are thousands of iOS developers using their service and highly speaking of this company, which builds a good reputation to make it trustworthy.

How it works?

For iOS app reviews, you can start a campaign via signing in with a Gmail account. Then, enter your app link, choose the targeted countries, the amount you need and the daily pace, the order will be activated after you click “get the best reviews now” button.

For iOS app ratings, the process of placing an order is similar to app reviews except you can’t choose the daily pace.

After activating your app review order, the real users of ReviewApp4u will install your app and leave positive reviews with 4/5-star ratings. Also, ReviewApp4u users will install your app and rate it with 5 stars once your rating campaign is alive. All the reviews and ratings are real and valuable, which can boost your app ranking and increase downloads in a short time.


If you want to buy app reviews targeting USA or China, each review is priced at $2.99. Each for other countries is $3.99. If your app is a paid one, the cost is $2.99-$3.99 plus the price of your app for each review. Indeed, each app store rating is priced at $1.99 for any country. Also, this company now is offering up to 50% discounts. The more reviews and ratings you order, the more discounts you get. They support PayPal and back money guarantee, so your money is 100% safe.

Editor’s Review

ReviewApp4u is founded in 2016. During its short history, they have reached the top of app promotion niche. Nowadays, there are many companies providing app reviews and ratings, which drives ReviewApp4u to explore new and more sophisticated methods to cater to the needs of users. Reviewapp4u believes in the future of app promotion niche, they will create an user-oriented service system and become the leader in this challenging market.

ReviewApp4u specializes in offering iOS app reviews and 4/5-star ratings, they can provide the best user experience and guaranteed after-sales service. If you want to buy app reviews and ratings from a reliable company, this company is a a good choice for you. The report section where you can track the process of your order ensures the security of their service. Also, if you have any questions about their service, you can contact their support via Skype or email. They will give you a thorough solution as soon as possible.

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