How to Improve App Ranking on Apple App Store?

improve app rankingThe Apple App Store is the most popular platform for app developers to promote their apps and make revenues. If you want to get numerous app downloads and increasing revenues, you have to boost your app ranking on App Store. Also, only the apps that have a higher ranking can attract new users. So how to improve app ranking to get your app featured on App Store? Read on to find more details:


A successful app marketing depends on great advertising. You should choose a suitable app advertising plan according to your budget, and then do everything you can to generate user's attention. There are many advertising platforms you can use to promote your app, including promotional campaigns, banners, discounts, special activities, etc. If you want to attract more new users to install your app, you can use promotional campaigns. Also, this method can help you get the maximum public attention for a few days, especially at weekend. Once the users like your app, they will popularize your app through word of mouth of their own accord.

Create a website for your app

This method is aiming at helping users to learn your app completely so that increase app downloads and boost App Store ranking. You can add some appealing images and videos on your website. Also, if possible, you can add some reviews and screenshots to make it more attractive. The most important point is to add your app link on your website. In a word, ensuring your website is convenient and attractive for users to view is an essential task for you. After that, you should promote your website via effective channels, like social media and forums, which can help your app gets more viewership. Of course, encouraging users to leave their feedback about your app is very important to boost app ranking.

App store optimization

App store optimization(ASO) is the most popular method to increase app visibility so that boost app ranking on App Store. Most app developers would like to use ASO to promote their apps after uploading on App Store. The key part of this method is to increase keywords coverage. The more keywords your app cover, the more possibility your app be found in search results. Therefore, adding keywords coverage is very important for app developers to boost App Store ranking. In order to achieve this success, you could add important keywords in title, subtitle, description, keywords part and reviews.


localizationApp localization can help you generate more revenues from different areas. For example, if you create an app majoring in English, you will lose more potential users who are talking about other languages. However, you should find your targeted areas according to your app rather than choosing blandly. When you localize your app, you should change your title, keywords and description firstly. If you see your conversion rate rise a lot, you could begin to prepare to localize the screenshots, videos, reviews and other important sections.

Update your app in time

If you do not update your app regularly, the Apple will not give you a higher ranking on App Store. Updating regularly means that you have added more new features and functions to cater for the needs of users. Also, it is a behavior to comply with Apple's policies, which is exactly the Apple approved. Therefore, to boost iOS app ranking, you have to pay attention to the news of Apple and industry trends. And then update your app according to these factors to create a great user experience.

Ask for reviews and ratings from happy users

App reviews and ratings are the feedback of users when they installed and used your app. So, they have a huge impact on app ranking on App Store. A study found that about 75% users would like download apps with positive reviews and high ratings. You can send a pop-up to users when they have gotten some value from your app to get app reviews and ratings. Indeed, it is a chance for app developers to know the disadvantages and the parts need to promote. If you have enough budget, you can collaborate with a reliable company who can offer you more professional service to boost your app ranking.

Choose a right category

When you upload your app on App Store, you have to choose a suitable category. In this time, you must focus on the core function of your app, but sometimes you should make some change depending on the different situation. For example, you have an app is specialized in Photos and Video, while the users always categorize it in Social Networking. So, you should put your app in the later category according to the user's feedback. Choosing a right category is very vital, because a wrong category would lead to your app getting fewer downloads and low ranking.

In conclusion

There are many methods to help you improve app ranking on App Store, these tips barely scratch the surface. You can find more ways to promote your app in other blogs and articles. While, if you carry out these tips commendably, your app will be better than other competitors out there.

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