5 Clever Tips to Get iOS App Reviews on App Store

Each success of the business has to depend on their customers, and there is no exception of mobile apps. A good app must have numerous positive feedback to grow more downloads and revenues. Also, the users always control the initiative to leave positive or negative reviews, install or uninstall your app. Therefore, creating a great user experience is essential for app developers to start their business.

review appAfter knowing the importance of users of app promotion, you have to think about how to create a good user experience so that get positive app reviews more easier. In this post, how to get iOS app reviews on App Store is what we'll talk about. There are 5 tips that we think they are main and important, hoping can help you a lot.

User experience

As we mentioned above, a good user experience is important to get app store reviews and high ratings. But, how? The quality of your app is the prerequisite. The good products never lack customers, so you do not need to worry the installs and reviews as well as ratings. While, how to improve the quality of an app becomes a new problem. According to the experience before, most developers use ASO to improve their app's quality. While, with the iOS 11 emerges out, you have to change some details about ASO to accord with the new rules of Apple.


Pop-ups is a method always be used to get app reviews and ratings. However, this method seldom brings good results. The normal pop-ups usually interact and interrupt the user experience, which will cause your app get more negative reviews and low ratings. Although the pop-ups don't show to every user, which also can result in a bad user experience and even uninstall your app. In this time, you should try to promote the type of pop-ups with integrated form. This form will give users a choice to leave reviews and ratings. For example, when you finished a task or an order in an app, you will receive the simple question like this: Enjoying this game? If you choose "yes", you will be guided to leave your reviews and ratings. If you choose "Not Really", you will be asked to leave your feedback. Of course, you have the right to refuse this require if you don't want to do it.

Incentivize users to leave reviews

incentiveA data shows that the most users would not like to review or rate an app via pop-ups. To get iOS app reviews and high ratings, you are able to incentivize them. The most effective incentive way is to reward the users when they give you positive reviews and high ratings. All users love the gifts, which exactly drives them to review and rate your app just by clicking your pop-ups. While, you have to develop a suitable review pop-up and decide the rewards give to users, or your efforts are in vain.

Run a contest

In order to get iOS app reviews, running a contest on different forums is also a useful method. App developers run contests and giveaways to attract more other forum members to leave positive reviews for their apps. To keep the transparent of the contest, you have to highlight the contestants and the process of selecting the winner. You can collect all the usernames into a sheet, and then make use of some professional tools to help you generate the number and represent the screenshot to users, proving you are not eccentric. Indeed, you have to manage the whole process manually sometimes, which can help you get app reviews and ratings earlier.

Reply users feedback

Whatever the reviews of users are positive or negative, you have to response them in time. It is also a method to create a great user experience for your app. When you get positive app reviews, you should thank them for that. While, when you receive the negative reviews, you should read this review more times, analyzing the behavior of users and the problem of your app. Then, reply to users and tell them you are sorry for that and will repair it and give them a good app. When you reply this kind of reviews, you should remember the following 3 tips: 1) be polite; 2) apologize sincerely; 3) guarantee you will solve this problem as soon as possible.

In conclusion

App reviews show the feedback of users after they experience your app. It is very precious for app developers to learn their apps completely, including the advantages and disadvantages. We hope these 5 tips can guide developers get iOS app reviews easier. Of course, each app has their special features, you should combine the actual situation and these methods to promote your app successfully.

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