CPIMobi Review

CPI Mobi
Overall Rating:
( 3.4 / 5.0 )
  • Quality Users
    ( 3.8 )
  • Support
    ( 3.1 )
  • Precise Targeting
    ( 2.8 )
  • Value for Money
    ( 3.2 )
  • Easy to Use
    ( 2.9 )

CpiMobi - Reviewed by Rating: 3.4 / 5

CPIMobi is an advertising platform for Android developers to promote mobile apps, which can help users control their marketing budget and mobile ad campaigns themselves. This company majors in offering CPI to promote your app to top charts and make it more visible on Google Play.


CPIMobi provides incentivized app installs all over the world, which can boost your app ranking within a short time. This process drives more new users to install your app and attracts more potential users to help you get a higher revenue. Whenever you want to boost your app in the store’s different top rankings and the keyword search results, CPIMobi is a good choice for you.

Who can use this service?

This service is available for Android app developers in which they can do mobile app marketing to get more installs. If you want to popularize your app, you may cooperate with CPIMobi.

How it works?

You can start a campaign of CPIMobi in a few minutes. First, You should create a personal account to login. Then, you should add your app link, choose the targeted countries, select the volume of installs and the daily pace. After your order is activated, your app will be posted on the offer walls, which can attract worldwide real users to install your app. Also, there is a statistic report of each campaign, you can track the process of your order in time.


Each install is priced at $0.09, which is very cheap. If you want to test the service of this company, they will offer free 50 installs of worldwide campaign, but you are not able to target countries for the free trail. You can pay via credit cards, bank transfers and PayPal, and the minimum order should be at least for $50.

Editor’s review

CPIMobi stands out from the many competitors by means of their low cost, and the installs they provide are all incentivized from real users all over the world. This company is a reputed mobile marketing platform for Android app developers to generate increasing app installs. Also, they have a wide variety of user base to download your app, which can ensure the effectiveness and security of their service.

Indeed, CPIMobi is an ad network for Android app, which can make your app get more exposure rate and attract more new users. You can start your campaign in 5 minutes, which is very convenient and easy for quick promotion. What’s more, they can provide a personal manager for you to help you start your campaign quickly and successfully. If you have any questions during the process of placing an order, you can contact them at any time.

Whatever you want to boost your app ranking in any category on Google Play, you should focus on getting more and more app installs. CPIMobi can guarantee you a huge amount of app installs and a rapid ranking. As a responsible Android mobile app marketing platform, CPIMobi will try their best efforts to achieve a big success in the future.

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