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How to Promote Your App on Google Play?

The secret to success for new apps is the promotional effort involved. To properly promote your app, you’ll need to follow certain steps to ensure that it is successful. Whether you want to promote Android app or iOS app, the procedure for maximizing its potential is found in how you market the app itself. The good news is to promote app on Google Play is relatively straightforward.

Do Research Before Promote Your App

potential audience - app promotionThe first step occurs before you even start designing your app. What is the potential audience you have for your creation? This means that you’ll want to know why they download certain apps, what needs must be fulfilled, and understanding the potential for the app itself. This will help you create an app that sells on its own which makes your marketing efforts much easier.

Most successful apps offer excellent features, are fast, and have an intuitive UI, so that is a good starting point once you know what your potential customer base wants from an app.

Create a Marketing Plan

This is more than just purchasing advertising, it is the understanding of how to properly market your app so that you maximize sales. This means understanding your potential audience, evaluating the different means of reaching them, trying out different paid and free promotion methods, making it easy to sell, and garnering repeat business by staying in contact with your customer base. It’s not going to be easy, but when it works your marketing plan will build upon itself.

Choose the Right Monetization

To properly promote your app, you need to find out which monetization effort will work the best. While many will choose standard adverts, you will need to do a little research into your target audience to see if that is the best method. A good rule of thumb if you are going to go with a paid app is to charge a higher price first, then bring it down with discounts. Basically, search around for the best method and use what works for those who are most likely to purchase your app.

Proper Brand Awareness

promote your app - app promotionRemember, when you promote your app, you are also promoting your brand. This means that you are boosting the awareness of your efforts to the public. So, when you promote app on Google Play, it will also promote your other efforts because people will recognize your company or design team.

To promote Android app or iOS app, you will need a sustained effort based on proper research and allocation of resources. The good news about your efforts to promote your app is that if it’s the type of product that fulfills a specific need and is distinctive from other apps, it should do quite well.

A good marketing plan builds upon itself so that once your app has become known to the target audience, it will start selling in numbers greater than the effort you put in thanks to its appeal. Of course, reaching that point will take considerable time and focus, but if you have done the research and applied the right resources, you can succeed.

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- October 23, 2017

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