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10 Essential Free App Promotion Methods and Techniques

promote your mobile app - app promotionMost app developers want to build an app to start their business, because it is easier and the cost is not too high. While, it is hard for people who start a business or begin a new career to promote their app without enough budget. Therefore, in this post, we will share you 10 free app promotion methods to help developers achieve their success effectively.

  1. Reach out to your customers

Before you market your app, you have to find your potential users. Because it is a great resource to get more app installs and help your app stands out from others. When you upload your app on app stores, you can send a message to these potential audiences and ask them whether need your app. While, the customers always are busy so try to use some incentive ways to drive them to install your app. After they pay attention to your app, you can also ask them some questions about the keywords that people prefer to search when they want to install an app.

  1. Create a website or blog

It is vital for developers to increase the exposure rate of their apps. In order to achieve this goal, you can create a free website or blog to make your app become popular. There are many platforms providing the chance to create websites or publish a blog for free, like Blogger, Tumblr, Jimdo, etc. After doing this, you can share your website or blog link to your friends and some social platforms. Indeed, there is a tip for you to remember: you should update your blog often, and allow audiences to leave their feedback, which can convince more people to download and give positive reviews to your app.

  1. Guest post

Just like to free app promotion method mentioned above, guest post is also an important way to popularize your app. There are lots of blogs welcome guest post, while the quality of your post must be high and valued. Also, they only publish the post that is original. You can add some links in your post, which is also great for SEO if you link to your app website.

  1. Email marketing

Adding your app link or install link to your email signature is a useful method to make customers know you have published a new app. If you send an average of 50 emails each day, that’s 350 a week or over 1500 a month. It is fantastic! If you have more people in your business, you can ask them to do the same thing. You will get a good result in the long run.

  1. App Store Optimization

App store optimization(ASO) is SEO on app stores majoring in making your app more visible so that get increasing downloads and boost app ranking. This method focuses on keywords optimization, because there are almost 65% users would like to find apps through search keywords. If you want to know more details about ASO, you can visit this post “App Store Optimization Guides” we published before.

  1. Get featured on social media

app promotion methods - app promotionAlthough most businesses have focused on social media to advertise their products, it is still an important channel of free app promotion. You had better send the message more times over a month to attract more potential users. If your Facebook has more fans, you can re-write your message that you have launched a new app 4 or 5 times and send it to them once a week, which can help you reach out 80% fans of your Facebook.

  1. Offline marketing

In addition to the online marketing, you can also try to promote your app via off-line marketing. This method includes giving out the leaflets, putting your video on people-crowed places, holding a relevant activity, etc. If your app has a high valued content, the customers who have known your app will advertise it to their friends and other people. Also, you are likely to get some feedback from them, which can help you make a clear the behavior of users and update your app in time.

  1. Cooperate with free app promotion sites

app promotion sites reviews - app promotionAmong the fierce competition, app promotion site emerges at this right moment to help developers to achieve their success. If you want to get more professional skills and services to promote your app, you can choose a reliable app promotion site to help you. Their experts will design a suitable app promotion plan according to your app. Also, this method can save you much time and efforts that you can use in other important places.

  1. Celebrity effect

Making use of the power of celebrity is the best way to drive numerous organic traffic to your app. To do this, you have to find a list of relevant influences on some websites. You can ask them to promote your app through exchanging for something with them. Also, you can simply require them to share your mobile app and add value to it.

  1. Upload in social bookmarking site

Some famous social bookmarking sites have high domain authority and more customers. You can use these platforms completely to promote your app. Indeed, there are some sites aiming at sharing through pinning images and videos. Therefore, you can put your app video and screenshots on these platforms to drive traffic and installs.

In conclusion

App promotion is not easy in this niche, especially in free app promotion methods. We hope you enjoyed these methods mentioned above to promote your app without spending any budget. If you have other tips about to promote app for free we have not mentioned, let’s talk about it in the comments section.

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- September 6, 2017

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