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8 App Promotion Ideas on How to Promote Your App

app promotion ideas - app promotionIn the technology-oriented age, most people choose to develop a mobile app to make money and build their business. While, there is a big challenge for them that how to promote app after uploading on app stores so that get increasing revenues and achieve their goals. In this post, we will discuss 8 effective app promotion ideas, go on reading to learn details.

App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization(ASO) is a method to make your app more visible on app stores and improve app ranking in search results so that drive numerous organic installs. Just like SEO for a website, ASO aims at boosting app ranking through on-page optimization, including icon, name, subtitle, description, keywords, preview video, screenshots, reviews and ratings. But with the rules of Apple and Google Play always change, app developers should pay attention to the news about mobile app niche to cope with new challenges.

Get Your App Featured on a Suitable Category

If you finished all the preparation that upload your app on app stores, you have to focus on how to choose a suitable category for your app. Before doing that, you have to understand your app completely, including the targeted users, the main functions, the advantages than other apps, etc. Then, you can choose an appropriate category according to these factors. If your app is fit for more than one categories, you could do A/B testing to find your final goal. For example, you develop an app majors in social contact, but it also suits for the entertainment. You can use A/B testing to check the result of each category.


how to promote app - app promotionAs we all know that the goal of app promotion ideas is to get increasing app downloads. In order to achieve this goal, improving app exposure rate is a method you have to do. Because only people know your app did they install, review and rate it. However, to popularize your app effectively, advertising is the most useful and recommended way. There are many platforms you can advertise your app, like Facebook, Admob, Tapjoy and some relevant forums.

Put on Mobile App Review Sites

This method can help you get a ton of app downloads and organic traffic in a short time. But, you have to ensure your app is high-quality so that can be reviewed by the reviewers and get featured on their website. There are some tips before you put on your app on mobile app review sites:

  • Pretty designs with high quality
  • Ensure your app content is original and legal
  • Creative and no bugs

Indeed, when you submit your app on these sites, you have to provide some support material of your app. It includes your app link, a short summary, screenshots, videos and the keys of downloading your app.

Pay Attention to Reviews

App reviews represent the feedback of users, which is a good resource for you to understand your app in detail. You can learn which part is popular with users, which part need to promote. Also, you can find some bugs from your app reviews, repairing them to improve the retention rate of your app.

Indeed, app review is an important factor to increase your app downloads. Therefore, app developers should spare their efforts to get positive reviews. While, when you get negative reviews, you need not worry. You should spend your time to answer back to them, letting them know you will solve this problem at soon. If they are not happy with your app, you should apologize to them and ensure make a better experience for them. In addition, if you have not enough time and effort, you can get app reviews by cooperating with a reliable company, which can offer professional app promotion ideas to promote your app.

Make Use of Your Social Network

Social media is a useful channel for developers to promote their apps, like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and G+. You can publish a post to introduce your new app, and send a message to your fans. If they are interested in your app, they will install it. Also, you can create or join in some developer groups, exchanging your app link with them to get app downloads.

What’s more, you can popularize your app in some relevant forums. Publish a post about your app in a certain category, including the link, functions and features. But you have to find the forums have more active users, which can guarantee your post will be viewed by more people so that get app installs.

Focus on App Ratings

App ratings have a huge impact on app downloads and reputation to a large extent. If you search one keyword on app stores, you will find all the top apps have 4/5-star ratings. Also, when users download an app, they will take app ratings in their consideration. It is self-evident app rating is a part developers should not ignore to promote. In below, you will learn some tips to get app ratings:

  • Ask your friends and relatives’ help
  • Incentivize users to rate your app
  • Exchange app ratings with other developers
  • Buy app ratings from real users
  • Use pop-up to get app ratings

Content Marketing

content marketing - app promotionContent marketing is another effective way to improve your app exposure rate. Once your app uploads on app stores, you can write some posts and articles on your social network. Also, you can cite the post or article in your email signature to ensure all people you contact will know you create a new app. If you have enough budget, you can publish a PR on some professional mobile promotion websites to get lots of traffic and installs.

In Conclusion

Performing app promotion ideas is not an easy task for app developers in terms of the fierce competition. Only you learn current mobile promotion niche and combine the ideas mentioned above can you stand out from your competitors. Of course, there are more tips about app promotion ideas I don’t mention, I just list the most effective tips, you can add them in the review section.

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- August 28, 2017

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