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Aso to Top
Overall Rating:
( 2.3 / 5.0 )
  • Quality Users
    ( 1.8 )
  • Support
    ( 2.3 )
  • Precise Targeting
    ( 2.8 )
  • Value for Money
    ( 2.3 )
  • Easy to Use
    ( 1.9 )

ASO2Top - Reviewed by Rating: 2.3 / 5

Aso2Top majors in providing keyword search installs for both free and paid iOS apps. It helps your app rank higher in keyword search results and get more app downloads. The installs they provide are from real users all over the world, which can guarantee the security of their service.


Also, this company can provide free ASO tips for app developers. If you have curious about how to optimize your app effectively, you can send your needs via their contact form. Their experts will give you useful ASO service according to your app.

Who can use this service?

All iOS app developers who want to buy keyword search installs can use this service, which can boost your app ranking on App Store and attract more new users to install your app.

How it works?

If you want to buy keyword search installs, you have to own a personal account of this company. Then, you should insert your app link, choose the targeted country, provide the keyword you want to promote and the amounts of installs. After the payment is finished, you can start a campaign.

If you want to track the process of your order, you can apply for more details via your email. They will give you all detailed information about the installs of your app, including users' nicknames of iTunes accounts, date of the installs and the device of users.


Each keyword install is priced at $1.05, and the minimum volume of each order is 300. If you buy more keyword search installs from this company, they will give you some coupon codes, and you can use it when you place an order next time. You can pay via PayPal, and if you want to use other methods of payment, you can contact their support.

Editor’s Review

Aso2Top is a professional platform offering app keyword search installs for iOS apps. Just like the SEO for a website, keyword search installs can drive apps to get more exposure on App Store so that generate more and more installs. It exactly helps them stand out from the competitive niche. This company has rich experience and has helped many customers achieve a success.

The service they provide is worldwide, which means that you can choose any country you want to target. But during the process of placing an order, you are just allowed to provide one keyword or keyword phrase to promote your app. If you want to optimize more keywords of your app, you have to place more orders from this company.

Also, they can ensure the security and legitimacy of their service. This is reflected on the following factors. First, the app installs are all from real users who download your app through searching the keyword you provide on App Store. Also, their service abides by the rule of App Store completely, which can guarantee your app will not be published by Apple and ensure you risk-free. In addition, you can pay via PayPal, it is very safe and convenient.

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