What Do You Know About App Store Optimization Guides?

app store optimizationIt is well known that app store optimization is a crucial part of app promotion and marketing niche. But the algorithms of App Store always change, which drives developers to create the most updated guides to face the big challenge. Recently, Apple has published iOS 11, and the new App Store 2.0 will arrive in September 2017, which means that there must are some changes about app store optimization. In this post, we will talk about the updated ASO guides in 2017 in details.

Before reading this guide, you have to make a clear that what is aso. App store optimization(ASO) is a useful strategy of making your app to reach the maximum visibility on app stores so that improve your app ranking and get increasing revenues. The affecting factors of ASO include app name, icon, subtitle, description, keywords, preview video, screenshots, reviews and ratings. Go on reading to learn details one by one.

1, App Name

App name is the first impression of users who search a certain keyword and find your app, and it also has an impact on app ranking and conversion rate on app stores. In the new App Store 2.0, the characters of app name are reduced to 30 from 50, and only when submitting a new version of the app can you change your app name. This is a big change for app developer, which requires them to create app name more concise and short. There is a good tip for you when you design your app name: keep your brand name clear and memorable so that you can use the extra space to put your main keywords. This tip can help you improve your app search ranking and get lots of organic traffic.

2, App Subtitle (iOS App Store)

The subtitle is a part below app name mainly introducing your app with one sentence. Just like the app name, the subtitle is also within 30 characters, but it is a new field for iOS 11. You can stress on your app good features in this part, also, you can add some core keywords in the subtitle to increase keyword ranking of your app. Indeed, app subtitle will affect the conversion rate of an app. If you create an app having an attractive and appealing subtitle, the users would like to click it and install it.

3, App Icon

app iconApp icon plays an essential role in app store optimization, which also has a strong influence on conversion rate of an app. The Apple likes each app icon is creative and clear, and you have to design two different sizes to cater to the needs of Apple. The small one is used in home screen and the large one is used in the App Store. There are some guides when you design your app icon:

  • Ensure it is simple and memorable
  • Use clear forms and colors
  • Do not use text
  • Work with A/B testing to identify the best icon
  • Focus on localizing app icon
  • Keep the same version between App Store and user devices

4, App Description

In the App Store 2.0, app description can't be changed unless you submit a new app version. As we all know that app description has no effect on app keywords ranking, and it still suits for the new version. However, as a part to introduce app in details, you have to pay attention to it to attract more users to install your app. The characters of description are limited in 4000, and you should emphasize the first 3 lines to drive users click "read more". Also, you should highlight the core functions and uniqueness to help your app stand out.

5, App Store Keywords

Keywords research is the most important part of ASO strategy, and it is a factor app developers should spend their more time on. While, before you optimize your app keywords, you have to try your best to find the right keywords for your app. How? First, you could brainstorm the keywords related to your app, including brand name, function words, behavior words, etc. Then, you can make use of keywords tool to assist you to get more keywords suggestions. Finally, you can identify your targeted keywords according to your app. At the beginning, the mid-tail and long-tail keywords are the best choice for developers with their low competition.

A few tips on the places you can put your keywords:

  • Title
  • Subtitle
  • Keywords field
  • Developer name
  • IAP(in-app purchases)

6, App Preview Video

The preview video is the only part where users can learn your app via dynamic way. In the new version, the developers are allowed to add 3 preview videos to generate potential users. The time of video is within 30 seconds. To attract more target users with your video, you have to ensure it is really compelling and can show your app features completely. If you want to market your app in other countries, don't forget to localize your video.

7, App Screenshots

Just like preview videos, app screenshot also has a huge impact on click-through click and conversion rate on app stores. You can provide 5 app screenshots to show your app, but you should focus on the first 2 screenshots. Also, the screenshots can be shown in search results and are the second visual factor after app icon. Therefore, to get a higher ranking and improve exposure rate, you have to spare your efforts to create the most suitable screenshots for your app.

8, App Reviews and ratings

app ratings and reviewsReviews and ratings are the feedback left by users who have installed your app and experienced it. In the new App Store version, Apple improved the position of reviews and ratings. In this part, all-time ratings play an important role than average rating and accumulated rating. Also, app ratings can appear in the search results. So, to get positive reviews and high ratings, you have to guarantee your app quality and good user experience.

In conclusion

The App Store algorithm has changed many times, but the position of app store optimization still remain firm. After knowing the updated app store optimization guides in iOS 11, we have to start thinking how to boost app ranking and installs with new strategies to promote your app. Good luck!

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