Top 10 App Analytics Tools Every App Developer Should Know

App Analytics ToolsIn the fierce competition of mobile app niche, app analytics play an important role to help your app stand out. Using some analytics tools are the key to know how your app works and what should you do to optimize your app. Also, this method can help you grow more potential users and new customers in a short time. In this post, we will share you the top 10 app analytics tools every app developer should know to improve their apps.

There are 3 types of app analytics , including marketing, in-app and performance. Each type has its specific goal and different methods to achieve. For example, the app marketing analytics is intent to learn how to market your app, increase the ROI and attract more users. Indeed, the in-app analytics aiming at analyzing your users who have installed your app, which can help you find the most valuable users and design a complete plan to improve your app. What's more, app performance analytics are more focus on the "mobile" itself. It means that checking the problems and places need to promote is the goal of this method.

After knowing the types of app analytics, let's move on the app analytics tools in below:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics belongs to in-app analytics, and it has a huge effect on mobile app analytics that other tools cannot replace. They support Android and iOS as well as other app platforms. Also, this tool provides a free version plus for business to have a try.


countly logoCountly stands out from other tools via its special UI and real time analytics, and all of these are open source. Serve as one of the in-app analytics tools, Countly provides professional services for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Apple Watch, Mac OSX, Unity3D and Flash. The price is ranging from a free plan to $250 per month, you can choose the best one according to your needs.


Tune is a marketing-oriented analytics platform who offers services for iOS, Android, Windows and Web. In addition, they also provide supply-side tools for ad networks, real-time tracking and third party ad management. While, they are not available to collect data from Facebook. About the price, Tune has a free trial period for up to 10 apps, and you can customize your plan after that.

Apple Analytics

As the name says Apple Analytics is an in-app analytics that Apple provides a constantly-updated tool with great design and simple operation. Obviously, it is only suitable for iOS platform, but we have to admit it is the most professional and powerful tool in tracking app data. There are two choices about price - $99 or $299 per year, and each package includes in developer membership fee.

App Annie

App AnnieApp Annie is also one of the most popular app analytics tools in the mobile world. It is a marketing analytics to help developers to run an app better through data tracking and analyzing. Also, the users of iOS, Android, TvOS, Windows, Amazon and Web can make use of this platform to promote their apps. The price of this tool doesn't be published so that we cannot make a clear for that, but the rumors saying that it is a little expensive.


AppsflyerAppsflyer majors in mobile app tracking and attribution analytics for app developers, which support iOS, Android, Windows, Web, Unity, Amazon and TvOS. As a marketing analytics, Appsflyer has trusted by many popular users, like Wall Street Journal. They cooperate with Google and Twitter to provide one-stop-shop marketing analytics. The price is different from the volume of installs you need, including $0.03, $0.04 and $0.05 per install. Also, you can customize the package and pricing according to your actual situation.


Localytics track funnels, user flows and granular analytics to grow active users up to 100 thousand monthly. Also, this platform offers A/B testing, your own dedicated account manager and marketing automation services for both iOS and Android as well as other platforms. While, Localytics is only suitable for exporting data to PDF or CSV. About their price, there is not a data online.


Appsee is an in-app analytics who provides visual, qualitative insights on apps via using touch heatmaps. They can assist developers to understand true in-app user behaviors completely. This platform support both iOS and Android platforms, and they offer 14 days free trial but the pricing of regular plans isn't published.


AppAnalyticsAppAnalytics, an advanced app analytics platform, provides many services for iOS and Android as well as Windows Mobile, including touch heatmaps, gesture recognition and push-notification analytics. They have a very small footprint, which has a little impact on app performance. There are 3 types of their price you can choose: a free plan, $399 per month Corporate plan and Enterprise plan with the unpublished price.


Mixpanel is a popular analytics platform owning nearly 3000 clients, which exactly help them stand out from the fierce competition. They offer cohort analysis,funnel analysis and marketing automation services for both iOS and Android apps. Indeed, you can install it under 10 minutes. There are a free plan and $999/month for app developers to choose. If you have other needs, you can customize your order according to your app.

In conclusion

Using mobile app analytics tools can drive you to understand your user behaviors and create a suitable strategy to run your app successfully. Also, these tools can help you grow more new users and maximize your ROI. However, there are plenty of app analytics tools in the mobile world. This post just lists some popular market leaders. If you know some other mobile app analytics tools not included in this listing, which doesn't show it is not useful. You can contact us, thank you.

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