6HourApp Review

6 hour app
Overall Rating:
( 2.8 / 5.0 )
  • Quality Users
    ( 3.5 )
  • Support
    ( 1.9 )
  • Precise Targeting
    ( 2.9 )
  • Value for Money
    ( 3.1 )
  • Easy to Use
    ( 3.5 )

6HourApp - Reviewed by Rating: 2.8 / 5

6HourApp offers positive app reviews for both Android and iOS apps, which can build a good reputation and increase app downloads on app stores. They have a community of users who will install and leave positive reviews and high ratings for your app.


Also, this company provides incentivize installs for Android app developers all over the world. Once you buy app installs from this company, they can guarantee that your app will get a higher ranking on Google Play. It is a fast and cheap way to promote app and boost app ranking.

Who can use this service?

All free app developers can buy app reviews from this company, but the app installs are just provided for Android free apps. All the reviews and installs are from real users all over the world, so you needn’t worry the security and legitimacy of these services.

How it works?

It is very convenient for app developers to get reviews and installs. There are many different packages in which you can choose the best suitable plan according to your app, which is very fast and useful. While, you are not able to choose the targeted country for your app. After your payment is finished, they will provide the best service and always respond fast to your questions. Indeed, if you place an order, they will start a campaign within 24 hours.


About the app reviews, if you want to buy 50 Android reviews, you need to pay $49. However, you just can get 10 iOS app reviews for the same payment. About the app installs, you can get 500 Android app installs with $29. If you register via your referral link, you will receive 10% discount for a lifetime. You can pay via PayPal, which is safe and convenient. Also, if you are not happy with the service, you can apply for the refund at any time, and the refund will deposit in your balance or your payment account directly.

Editor’s Review

6HourApp is a professional platform offering app reviews for both Android and iOS developers to boost app ranking and grow their revenue. They have employed genuine iOS and Android users who will give you positive reviews after they have downloaded and experienced your app. Also, if you are an Android app developer, you can buy app installs from this company, which can help your app gain more exposure and increasing downloads on Google Play.

All the services of this company are provided for worldwide free apps, which means that you have no chance to choose the targeted country where you want to promote your app. Therefore, before you do that, you have to assure whether your app is free and is available worldwidely.

6HourApp can provide different packages according to different apps, which is a very efficient method to help app developer find the most appropriate plan within a short time. Also, this company supports 24/7 service and money back guarantee to assure you can get a quality and safe service.

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